Horse Riding

Want to go horse riding?

We also have a riding centre and can offer rides or treks for half a day, a full day, the weekend or a week


 We also offer

Pony rides for small children on the leading rein

1 hour to a full day’s hacking

Fun days and picnic rides for children

Holiday livery

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Rides are always accompanied by a qualified professional. We are also approved by the Association of British Riding Schools and affiliated to the French Equestrian Federation (FFE)


Our Horses


Trekking horses must be calm and careful.  In addition they must not be too large so that they are easy to mount. So most are between 15.0 hh and  15.2 hh.


All our horses are selected for their suitability for trekking terms of their character, their size, their health. In addition to their initial training they are schooled regularly to instill obedience and suppleness.

They normally live out all year round in sheltered fields and we give them  hay depending on the season, the amount of grass available and their condition. We only feed them hard feed if they are trekking for 3 or 4 days in succession. It is part of our philosophy that they live as much as possible in a herd so that they get along well out on rides. The health of our horses is also very important to us. We worm them regularly, give them vitamins and minerals, vaccinate against tetanus and influenza as well as ensuring regular checks by an equine dentist and podaitrist.

Each horse has its own character and we  take the time to get to know each one so as to ensure the best horses for our customers. This will also allow us to explain to the rider how to ride his horse.



Chimere, a Spanish mare is 13 and is approximately 14.3 hh. She is ongoing, comfortable and gives the impression that she is a much larger horse!   She tucks in happily behind the others and gets on with her job.  In fact she has done many 30k rides with a variety of riders from 10 to 70 years old. She has competed and gone well at several dressage and TREC competitions.


Emir is a Trotter x Highland and is the nicest horse possible. He also 15.0 hh but is more stocky the others. He gets fat very quickly in the summer so is sometimes on a diet.  Trekking and TREC are on his list of achievements and he has already given pleasure to many novice riders not least to one very able 6 year old boy who rode him off the lunge in the school this summer on his third ever ride on a horse. Being ongoing and responsive he is also suitable for more experienced riders.

Sirius Black

Sirius Black is an adorable black Lusitano, 11 years old and 15.0 hh.  He has completed  TREC competitions, show jumping, dressage and a one day event.   He is the boss of our little herd but also very naughty and sometimes playful. Being almost fearless he is happy in his role as lead horse.


Diago is a Hafflinger and although he is only about 14.0 hh he is very strong.  He is also a very experienced trekking horse as he partenered my father and sometimes my mother, on many a long trek over the last 15 years.  With my father,  he travelled a lot in South West France and has taken part in many TREC competitions and also the famous Equirando, a huge rally organised by the FFE (French Equestrian Federation).  He has also been ridden by the grandchildren when they were little.  A great character and a true family friend who has come to us following my father’s departure to the UK and subsequent retirement from riding.



Gypsy is a dark bay mare standing about 15.2 hh.  She is a Anglo arab cross Camargue and came from a riding school where she has competed in TREC and show jumping and was very popular with their clients.    She is a comfortable ride and has lots of experience of trekking too so will be a valuable member of the team this coming summer.



Polly is our adorable Shetland mare standing at only 90cm.  She is used for giving rides on the leading rein and for driving.  Above is a photo of her in her first competition.



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